Dog Pound Film Review

Dog Pound FilmThe Film “Dog Pound” in the recent releases section on Netflix stars Adam Butcher, Shane Kippel, Mateo Morales and was directed by Kim Chapiron.  After seeing “Orange is the New Black” which is a sort of dramedy that takes place in a women’s correctional facility it was definitely a jolt and a half to see “Dog  Pound” which takes place in a male juvenile delinquent facility. This flick is an intense, nail-biting, cringe-fest and I loved it.

I’m not going to describe the plot because that’s what seeing the movie is for. What is important for me in a film review is to know that it’s a compelling story with outstanding acting and this one has both.  Adam Butcher, Shane Kippel, Mateo Morales and  Lawrence Bayne give outstanding performances along with practically all the rest of the supporting cast. I definitely felt like I had a taste of living in “juvie”. This is the kind of movie that makes you want to look over your shoulder.

If you enjoy shows like “Locked Up Abroad, I Survived, OZ” and Movies like “The Way Back, Midnight Express and Cool Hand Luke (Oldie)” then you’ll eat this up as I did.

Co-written by Director Kim Chapiron and Jeremie Delon the screenplay is gritty and screams forward like any well-oiled machinery.