My favorite Finnish couple: Janna and Tapio from Finland’s Easy Living

Looking for a new show? You have to check out Finland’s Easy Living. I first discovered this gem on Acorn TV but they had only had one season and they’re facebook page never answered about when season 2 would arrive, so bye bye bye Acorn tv. Netflix to the rescue! Ofcourse this is coming from Finland, so the travel time took 6 years, but it’s quite worth your television investment.

Tony & Carmella of Soprano’s fame meet Janna & Tapio. A couple that crime’s together stays together. Janna is manipulative, mean, conniving and we love her for it. Tapio is the kindest criminal you’ll ever meet and the two of them together is quite magic. Finnish often ends up sounding Italian and for a second one gets so engrossed in the story you forget it even takes place in a foreign country…at least foreign to this American.

How I love Easy Living let me count the ways.

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