My favorite Finnish couple: Janna and Tapio from Finland’s Easy Living

Looking for a new show? You have to check out Finland’s Easy Living. I first discovered this gem on Acorn TV but they had only had one season and they’re facebook page never answered about when season 2 would arrive, so bye bye bye Acorn tv. Netflix to the rescue! Ofcourse this is coming from Finland, so the travel time took 6 years, but it’s quite worth your television investment.

Tony & Carmella of Soprano’s fame meet Janna & Tapio. A couple that crime’s together stays together. Janna is manipulative, mean, conniving and we love her for it. Tapio is the kindest criminal you’ll ever meet and the two of them together is quite magic. Finnish often ends up sounding Italian and for a second one gets so engrossed in the story you forget it even takes place in a foreign country…at least foreign to this American.

How I love Easy Living let me count the ways.

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Been a while since I’ve written here, but every once in a while I see a film or series so mind-blowingly good I can’t help myself. I’ve got a HUGE crush on the HBO series OLIVE KITTERIDGE, based on a book of short stories by Elizabeth Strout and directed by The Kids are Alright’s Lisa Choledenko.

This 4 part series is acted, written, directed and shot with such craft and tender loving care it’s simply perfection. Such sensitive, emotional, intelligent film making is so refreshing. In the setting of that fictional Maine town you feel all at once as if you’ve dropped into a Norman Rockwell painting except the edges pull away to reveal the dirty, uncomfortable moments lurking behind every pretty picture. This way, we experience a catharsis which is what art is for.





When most of the series I watch are still on hiatus I reach back out to those series I never gave a chance. The Wire was one of those.

People I respect told me, critics raved…and I finally watched HBO’s The Wire. It’s on par with Breaking Bad and The Sopranos. It’s refreshing to see a gritty, crime drama that tackles the same topics with more artistry and emotion than ANY OTHER cop drama…in my opinion.  Also, this wasn’t just a cop drama simply because the majority of the storyline was about crime. I had presumed The Wire as just another SVU or the like but I stand corrected. This series is a biography of a city and the people who live in it.


The theme song really tells the tale: WAY DOWN THE HOLE.

Radio Shows Back from the Archives



Back in the Day I hosted 3 radio shows for WPS1 Art Radio MoMA. One of them was “Funny Isn’t It?” A show about comedy and comedians. I attempted to see whether their comedy stood the test of time. Now I get to see if these shows stand the test of time. Please take a listen…

WPS1 Art Radio/MoMA “Funny Isn’t It?”


Eddie Izzard and Margaret Cho Episode



Bill Maher

All in the Family Spotlight Part 1

All in the Family Spotlight Part 2

Laugh-In Spotlight Part 1

Laugh-In Spotlight  Part 2

Old Time Radio

Phyllis Diller and Ellen Degeneres

George Carlin and Chris Rock

Produced by Linda Yablonsky
Written and Hosted by Sherrie Fell

Full Moon over Miami


Sunday was a pretty spectacular Full Moon.

Miami Photographer Dolores Fernandez captured the moon as if she were in a space suit hovering within inches of it’s greatness. At just the perfect moment a plane shoots by…take a look:

Moon over Miami

Fit to Go the Show with Laura O’Reilly

Laura O’Reilly shows some easy steps to getting fit and eating healthy.

She’s also written a book called GET FIT TO GO

About the book:
This is a fast, people-friendly, highly motivational guide to better diet and exercise for anyone who is ready to take that bold first step toward improved health and fitness! It’s full of snappy phrases and tips to help make healthier eating and lifestyle choices fun.


The Iceman

Michael Shannon is the kind of actor who can take on any role and inhabit it so well you don’t even know he’s acting.  Shannon plays Richard Leonard “The Iceman” Kuklinski (April 11, 1935 – March 5, 2006) an American serial killer  who became a contract killer hired by the mafia. The film begins on  Kuclinski and his wife’s first date and from there explores how he fell into becoming a hitman which incidentally came quite naturally.  The supporting cast is as compelling as the the main character and lends a backbone to the film that will surely make this a classic akin to the likes of “Goodfellas” and “Casino”. It’s good to finally see Ray Liotta in a well-written role he can eat right up. Three surprising stand-out performances were from Winona Ryder, Chris Evans and David Schwimmer who each played out-of-their-genre so well… you could hardly recognize them…and that’s a big ole’ YAY.

Go out and see this film.


The Dynamiter

From the description of  “The Dynamiter” on Netflix this movie seemed like it had promise. I was pleasantly surprised, it had more than promise it had delivery. The main character Robbie Hendrick played quite intricately by William Ruffin was a well-rounded, intriguing character with the help of well written dialogue. I may even go so far as to say that William Ruffin was the movie and his presence kept me watching and caring what would happen.  On certain levels this film reminds me of another favorite “Shadrach”, with it’s seemingly simple, slow pace which hides a more complex, passionate struggle to survive, not to mention the beautiful cinematography. The moments of quiet contemplation by Robbie bring you right into his journey. I highly recommend this movie.