Bates Motel is a Winner!


Was late to the game in catching the first season of The Bates Motel on A&E in its original airing, but decided to give it a swing on Netflix and was pleasantly surprised. The show is extremely well done. It competes with the caliber of programs like FX’s “American Horror Story” (where her sister Taissa rocks the house playing various roles) and  AMC’s “The Killing” in it’s style, acting and story… all first rate. Vera Farmiga is the best I’ve ever seen her. Her big blast into notoriety was from “Up in the Air”, but this is gonna knock her outta the park and blast her as a hot commodity. Vera conquers “Norma Bates” like a true master with her different levels of inner emotion, sincerity and subtle comedic brilliance. She takes you slowly into the world of this multi-layered character and captures you inside the complex inner life which could have so easily been a caricature by any less of an actress. Freddie Highmore, Max Thieriot, Nestor Carbonell (LOST), and Olivia Cooke make a dream cast. The story pacing and plot twists keep this show exciting with an under current of macabre comedy adding a slight kitschy feel that’s just right for this mother/son wacky relationship.

The great news is Season 2 started up again not too long ago on A&E. Looking forward to see where the writers take it.