What Movies are made of: Black Rock


I just finished watching the Katie Aselton directed film “Black Rock” on demand and I don’t mind saying I am exhilarated. After seeing the trailer a while back “Black Rock” was definitely on my list of movies to see because it had the elements I crave: survival, revenge, thrilling, nail-biting moments and escape.

There’s no need to tell you about the plot, you can see the trailer for that, what I’m telling you is to see it, it’s that good…better than the trailer and the trailer’s great.

Mark Duplass wrote one hell of script, three cheers Mark. I loved every minute. The actresses, Katie Aselton,Lake Bell and Kate Bosworth had a palpable chemistry and they acted the shit outta those roles. The antagonists, Will Bouvier, Jay Paulson and  Anslem Richardson are perfect and the seemingly normal but soon-to-be out of control military guys.

Glad to see a buddy movie with substance, thrill and edge.