What’s on Netflix May 2014


…So you’re wondering what to watch scrolling through the possible crap on Netflix and shows and flicks you’ve already seen?

If you’ve like my other choices, and you trust me…and you should here’s my recommendations and stay-away-from’s:





“Mr. Nobody” – Jared Leto -Futuristic miasma of different ways one’s life could have gone.

– I enjoyed this movie although I was challenged to exactly what was going on.

-I would mostly recommend this one, but be prepared for out of the box storytelling.


“Charlie Countryman”- Shia Labeouf – Dramatic finding oneself in a time of emotional disaster.


I loved this movie and was especially impressed with Rachel Evan Wood who knocked this roll out of the park! Her look was stunning and she had a presence that made her light up the screen. You can’t ever go wrong with Mads Mikkelson and Shia was phenomenal and HECK…who doesn’t wanna check out the life in Bucharest. You’ve got the Bucharest, drug, mafia and opera scene…it’s great stuff. Let’s not forget Melissa Leo…who’s role although small is her magnificent self.


“Short Term 12”

-Sort of Recommend

This movie was very intense…when you’re dealing with child molestation and abuse…it’s not the first subject you intentionally want to watch however, the acting was well done and film was done with grace and has that indie charm.


“Jobs” – It’s Steve Jobs before and after the creation of Apple.

Highly Recommend

I don’t know why the critics are hating on this movie. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It didn’t make me like Steve Jobs. It did make me dislike him a bit. I enjoyed Ashton Kutcher as the younger Jobs more than the older..of which I had  a hard time believing, but that said…all else was flawless.


“How I live Now” –Apocalypse-ish story taking place in England.

Highly Recommend

This is like the the “Walking Dead” without Zombies. So if you films with the feeling of the end of the world and the struggle for survival…check this shit out.


“MUD” – Matthew Mcconaughey – Drifter with something to hide in a small town.

Highly Recommend

Well done. Really well done. You’ve got a bunch of great characters and some cool plots making you guess who the most scummy character is. It’s the root for the underdog theme, and when it’s not a disney film…it’s more palatable.